Are you an avid or aspiring punter? Would you like to make more money from gambling and possibly turn it into a career or passive source of income? We have been where you are, and over the years, we have amassed enough resources to put a website together for you. You might be wondering what is unique about our website. Well, find out for yourself.

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Who Are We?

Our site features:

  • A list and breakdown of the best bookies operating in Armenia: We only deal with licensed bookies who have passed our safety, customer service, and review standards. Moreover, we also lean on the technology used on the sites and advocate for sites that use the latest technologies. If a site offers live casino games, live betting, e-wallet payments, etc., you can bet that we will consider it.
  • The technologies in the gambling industry: You may have noticed how much technology plays a part in your life. But has it had an impact on gambling? The answer might surprise you. From KYC technology to artificial intelligence, we have a lot on this subject matter.
  • How to safeguard your banking details: Many punters have suffered at the hands of cyber-criminals who have targeted their accounts. We show you other ways you can safely fund and receive money from your betting account.
  • The growth of e-sports: Did you know that you can bet on e-sports? We will give you a glimpse into this evolving betting category coupled with the sites that cater to it.

These are but a few of the topics we will cover as we delve deeper into the gambling industry. You can rest assured that more will come up as we continue experimenting with betting strategies.

Why Us?

Who are we

Reading everything above may have you asking what makes us the experts in this field. Are we in a position to offer any advice, and if so, why? We are:



My hobbies are working out (yes, that’s a thing), cooking, cycling, traveling, hiking, and playing e-sports! I have been playing e-sports for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid, I remember spending hours glued to my video games, much to the chagrin of my parents. If they could have their way, they preferred that I was in my room studying for my exams, but that was not the case. Of course, as I got better at it, I started playing with my friends for rewards. We started by trading snacks, but it soon evolved into cash rewards.

I won a lot and realized that most of the thrill lay in the gamble. Even when I was not playing, I would bet on the favorite player from either of the teams, eager to see if I could make some money out of it. So, when I finally met Grigor, who introduced me to sports betting, I could not hold back on learning every trick there was in the game. But this excitement was soon quelled by shock once I realized that real-life betting was very different from school-days betting. It’s been a journey to get to a point where I can bet without making the mistakes I made as a newbie. I can’t wait to share this and more with you!



You see the nerd in the corner playing with his greens and adjusting his glasses? That was me throughout most of my school years. I spent so much time buried in books that I barely noticed the years going by. Soon enough, I was in college, learning more about statistics and getting even more involved in the world of facts and figures. One of my professors was a gambler, inclined to bet on lotteries. He would go on and on about probability and decision-making using real-life examples. Sometimes, the math would get so crazy that even I, the nerd, would get lost in there somehow.

One day, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to bet on a football game based on the statistics alone. Did I win? I wish! But I came so close to winning that I would head to the bar every game night that season, grab a drink, and watch the game. That’s how I met Sargis, who was the life of the party. We soon realized that we had two very different views in life. I was the objective one, leaning on the hard figures, and he was the subjective mind, leaning on his point of view. Divided, we did not make the best decisions. What we needed was a big part of me and just a dash of him to get the betting right.

That’s how we figured out how to use most of the strategies we advocate for on this website. You can never be 100% on one side. Betting is always about combining a bit of everything to get the perfect wager. Even then, there’s no guarantee.

Those are about three secrets on one page. Can you imagine how many more we have in store for you? Keep checking our pages for updates on the newest innovations in the gambling market and how you can use them to your advantage. Welcome!

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