The Alternative Deposit Methods

More punters are moving away from using their credit and debit cards when placing wagers. Why? Some are no longer comfortable with tying their finances to gambling sites. Others want to ensure that they can hide their entities when gambling. Regardless of the motivation behind this decision, we will look at two of the most used alternatives:

Using E-Wallets

You may have noticed that most gambling sites are now open to using e-wallets. Of course, people using such payment methods are often not eligible for bonuses and promotions. Even with this slight drawback, many punters now swear by this payment method.

Payment methods accepted in gambling sites

So, how do these wallets work? These are digital accounts that can send and receive money across the world. You may have heard of a few like Skrill and PayPal. Opening such an account is easy, and all you need is to provide a valid email address, a bank account, and a strong password. You will also need to provide a reference code from the bank account to show that it belongs to you in some cases. But for the most part, simply linking your account and providing proof of ID and address should be enough. Once the account is up and running, you can fund it via wire transfer or linking it to your bank account.

Benefits of E-Wallets

Are you wondering why many people are now opting to go the e-wallet route? Wonder now more:

No Banking Details

Old payment methods and alternative ways to deposit online

Do you want to keep your banking details private? Most people are not comfortable with revealing their banking information with their bookies. Whatever your reason for feeling this way, you can now completely avoid sharing your card details. How? By using an e-wallet! When paying money through such wallets, all you need is the registered email address and a password.

The payment does not even take place on the bookie’s site. Instead, you get redirected to a secure site where you can comfortably process your transaction. So, none of your bank details remain on the bookie’s site. How is that for privacy?

No Prying Eyes

Did you know that your gambling activities can be used against you? In the past, most people had no choice but to gamble with their credit and debit cards. Of course, when the time to pay up came, the bank could see where the money was headed. So, if an avid punter showed up requesting a business loan or a mortgage, you can already imagine the welcome that awaited them.

Being a gambler served as a disadvantage and could either have your loan application thrown out or the terms would be stringent. With an e-wallet, nobody will be any the wiser about where your money has gone. Only you will know whether you have been gambling, investing, or even shopping.

Reduced Risk

If someone gains access to your debit or credit card, they can do a lot of harm. Not only can they gamble your savings away, but they can also get you into debt. That’s a probability that all card users must grapple with, especially credit card holders. But what about an e-wallet? The most that the criminal can do is to deplete what you have in the e-wallet. That means that if you keep your balance low (which you should), you do not need to worry about incurring losses. You can try to safeguard your wallet like you would any other online account and change your password often. But if it’s ever compromised, you can rest assured that this is all the criminal can access.

More Freedom

When betting with your credit card, the bank will always be on your case. Anytime you make a big deposit, the account will be flagged for suspicious activities. Sometimes, the bank will even call you to ask if you are behind the transaction. At others, it will assume that someone is trying to defraud you and will block the transaction. Imagine having to call the bank each time you want to bet because a misunderstanding is now getting between you and your wager. How annoying would that be? If you have been through this countless times and want an alternative, it might be time that you considered an e-wallet.

Other than the above benefits, e-wallets make it easier and faster to receive money to your account than direct bank deposits. Plus, it increases the privacy of your transactions, regardless of if you are gambling or even shopping online. In most cases, the deposits and withdrawals will not incur any fees.

Which E-Wallets Can You Use?

Before choosing an e-wallet, you should choose a bookie that accepts e-wallets and check which ones they accept. That way, you will not have to struggle with finding a site that accepts your choice. Possible options include: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Euteller Entercash Entropay, Ukash, EcoPayz, iDeal, Astropay, and Giropay.

Always choose e-wallets and bookies with stringent security measures to lower the chances of your account being compromised.

Using Cryptocurrencies


Digital currencies have been on the rise, and if you would like to avoid sharing your details, you can always rely on these currencies. Have you heard of Bitcoins? Even people who have not worked with digital currencies are aware of this strong digital currency. The good news is that tons of other such digital currencies are widely accepted by the innovative gambling sites.

Benefits of Digital Currencies

Why would one ditch bank cards in favor of digital currencies? Here are some motivations:


Keeping money safe has become quite a challenge in recent years, thanks to the ever-evolving criminal activities. Thieves are constantly changing their tactics. When they are not sending suspicious emails, they are busy calling people and conning them into divulging their details. You are safe to assume that criminals are lying in wait to get your details when you are wagering online with debit and credit cards. Digital currencies have now become sought-after because they offer tons of layers of protection from criminals. It is hard for someone to steal from you unless you have made some errs in your judgment. Even then, accessing your funds is still hard.

Direct Transactions

With banks, you always need to go through an intermediary who charges transaction costs. Even e-wallets charge money to transfer the cash into your bank account. Are you tired of paying these costs? A digital currency is the answer! Think about it. If you spend hundreds of dollars a month on wagers, wouldn’t you rather avoid the costs and go straight to spending your winnings? Cryptocurrencies can help you do this. That’s why people dealing with high amounts of cash have now taken their business to the crypto world, where they can avoid unnecessary middleman costs.


If you are tired of seeking permission to access your money, digital currencies are a great choice. With banks, you often need to state the reason behind withdrawing or depositing huge sums of money. Sometimes, your transactions even get blocked or limited, getting in the way of your wagers. Add the fact that you must pay for the rendered services, and the whole experience can be frustrating. Digital currencies give you control over how and where you spend your money. Besides, you can spend the money globally.

Which Digital Currencies Can You Use?

Ready to start playing? It’s simple. Open a digital currency wallet, buy some coins, and start wagering with your favorite bookie. Most betting sites accept: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and All Sports.

See? You do not have to put your account information at risk to enjoy a wager. You can now open e-wallets or rely on digital currencies to play. What will you choose?

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