The Most Famous E-sports to Bet on in Armenia

Want to know what makes the gambling market so lucrative? It keeps evolving! Who would have thought it was possible to bet on e-sports? A few years back, it was even hard to picture someone eking a living out of playing e-sports. Now, people are earning millions of dollars from doing what they love. Punters, too, are making a killing by betting on their favorite players and teams. So, if you would rather sit on the sidelines and still make money from your love of the game, we have a few games you might want to try.

What Are The Most Popular E-Sports in Armenia?

Which are the top eSports events to bet on

Armenia is not that different from other countries when it comes to the shared love for e-sports. Some of its players have won tournaments and have raked in winnings by the millions of dollars. Edward Abgarian, for example, is a legend in the League of Legends. Others like Elina Danielian and Levon Aronian are known for their prowess in chess.

But which games attract the most attention in the gambling markets and how new technologies influnce the gambling industry?


This multiplayer video game features two times comprising five players on each side. Both teams must protect their base throughout the game. Each player must pick a character that must work with the others to ensure that the base remains protected. As the game ensues, the players gain points which are integral to defeating the opposing team. Whichever team destroys the other’s base wins.

League of Legends

This game features several modes. The most popular one requires one side’s champion to defeat the other by destroying its nexus. Sometimes, the champion from one side can be controlled by a computer. The gameplay follows players as they build on their experience and items, which lends strength to the champion in the game. This game is so popular that statistics estimate a good 100 million people play it each month.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO has become synonymous with the most popular e-sports in the world. It follows a first-person shooter narrative with two main teams- the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Each team must work to eliminate as many members of the other team as it can to reach its targets. The game takes on a practical approach, with the terrorists holding people hostage and planting bombs as they go. So, the counter-terrorists must defuse the bombs and save the hostages to gain points.

Call of Duty

When this game was first released, it focused on the World War II era and featured a first-person shooter narrative. Over time, it evolved to cover modern and futuristic worlds, making it great gameplay for all people. Now, it even offers a multiplayer mode in the Black Ops 4 version. In it, players get to complete missions and test out the game's new features like predictive recoils.


With two teams featuring six players on each side, this game is quite interesting. Both teams get to select their preferred hero, with all 30 of the hero options boasting unique abilities. The aim is to work as a team to ensure that the hero remains protected and makes it across the map in as little time as possible. As the players move during the game, they earn rewards that can either be cosmetic or competitive.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft was an undeniably exciting video game. So, when the developers announced that there would be another version of the game that could run on multiple platforms, fans were in awe. The game takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy, with three races inching closer to the supremacy position. The multiplayer aspect makes this game even more exciting as different players get to work with each other towards a common goal.

Heroes of the Storm

This game has warmed its way into players’ hearts by borrowing from other franchises in Blizzard Entertainment. Players get to play with heroes from StarCraft, Overwatch, and even Warcraft. But of course, there’s a twist to the gameplay. Rather than the players earning individual points from their efforts, the teams go to the team. So, the players must work hard to build on everyone’s strength and emerge stronger after each level.

Other popular games include Hearthstone, King of Glory, Fortnite, World of Tanks, and Valorant.

How To Bet on E-Sports

Betting on e-sports is easy

Betting on e-sports is much easier than you may think. It shares similarities with traditional betting, and if you have engaged in the latter before, you will find it easy to navigate the odds and bet lines. The most common bet is the match-winner, where you bet on who you think will emerge the winner. How simple is that! But of course, it takes much more than this to place a winning bet. Before wagering, you must consider:

  • The odds format: Some bookies use decimals, others go with fractions, and others prefer to use American odds. The differences between each are not much. However, you need to understand what the odds spell by learning how to read them. For example, odds like 1.56 on team A would imply that if you have spent $100 on team A to win and it does, you would go home with $156.
  • The odds: Other than understanding how to read the odds, you must also gauge their competitiveness. These reflect the bookie’s implied probability of a team winning a match. Because each bookie is free to decide how they can set their odds, you will notice differences in the odds, and you can use this to your advantage. For example, one bookie may have 1.56 on team A while another has 1.72. In such a case, the second bookie will give you more value for your money. You must understand how to analyze the return on odds. So, while your choice may not change, you can end up getting much more from your wager.
  • The wager: Even with traditional betting, you cannot walk into a wager without first deciding how much money you will spend. In betting, we refer to this as the amount of money you are willing to lose. No matter how much you believe in a team or player, you cannot wager money you need. That means that you must avoid wagering your rent, utility cash, maintenance money, debts, or monies that you would need to recover. If you cannot afford to lose any money, skip wagering until you can.
  • The team’s abilities: Backing a team because it’s a favorite is not the best way to place a wager. Instead, we advise that you first learn the gameplay. For example, if you want to wager on a League of Legends game, how does the game work? You can learn this by watching a few matches and seeing the teams go at it. Is this important? Sure! If you know what’s right, you are more likely to notice trends that lead a team to losses. You also need to study the team that you want to back. Who are the players? How good are their skills? What are their weaknesses and strengths? These are all factors you must consider before putting your money up to back a team.
  • The betting markets: Rather than focusing on all possible betting markets, you can always narrow down to a few and excel in these. Examples include draw, group of winner, group winner, handicap bet, outright winner, total rounds, region winner, and over/under bets. Take over/under bets as an example. These enable you to bet on whether the actual scores will surpass or be under the predicted scores. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the games, you can even move on to special bets, including first blood, knife round, pistol round, and map winner.

You will be ready to bet on a game and possibly emerge a victor when you have all the above points down to an art.

Where Can You Bet On E-Sports in Armenia?

Popular international bookies offer eSports live betting

Are you ready to back your favorite team? You are in luck! Most of the popular international and most innovative bookies offer their services in Armenia, and you can easily open an account and start wagering on them. The best options include: Bet365, 1XBet, Betwinner, 22Bet, Betway, Betfair, and Winbet.

When choosing any bookie, ensure that you check the payment methods, the customer service availability, what previous customers have to say, capping on winnings, and the competitiveness in odds. Only then can you know that a bookie is right for you. Also, ensure that they have the licensing to offer services in Armenia to avoid any games with your hard-earned money.

The main takeaway with e-sports betting is that punters must also understand the game. If you do not know the gameplay, you will miss out on vital points and could end up wagering on a team that barely has a chance at winning. Being a fan is different from being a successful punter. One requires you to enjoy the gameplay, while the other requires you to study the gameplay critically. So, forget about the excitement and focus on the team you wish to back. Does it truly have what it takes to win?

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